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Dr Samit featured in the news yet again For ideas About Surrogacy In india

Dr Samit featured in the news yet again!

City joins surrogacy race
by the reporter Anubha Kumari Singh | May 21, 2012 

Hyderabad is emerging a favorite destination for those looking for surrogate mothers. Presence of world-class medical facilities, fertility clinics and inexpensive cost of wombs are quoted as reasons

Hyderabad, which was slow to catch up with other major metros of India in surrogacy, has of late seen a change.

Today, many fertility clinics in the City are reporting increasing requisitions and readiness of women to lend a womb. If medical circles are to be believed, Hyderabad is giving other metros a run for their money in this aspect.

With its list of premier fertility clinics and leading hospitals, Hyderabad is becoming an important station for surrogacy. Reports say couples from neighboring states, Gulf countries and USA are now choosing Hyderabad for the main reasons of the availability of ideal candidates and lesser cost.

“Five years ago, we barely undertook one surrogacy case in a month. Today we deal with at least ten cases every month and that’s a big number for sure. We get cases not only from the City but sometimes from other states too. Some couples bring their friends or known people to rent the womb and many a times we also provide women whose wombs can be hired,” adds Dr Samit Sekhar, chief embryologist, Kiran Fertility Center.

“Surrogacy is in demand because of the success rates. These days couples mainly opt for it because of the quality equipment, favorable pricing and hassle-free procedure. However, the couple needs to undergo various procedures before opting for surrogacy. Women who can’t conceive are only given a chance to opt for surrogacy,” said Dr Samit .

Candidature for surrogacy is not easy as it sounds. “We make our decision only after talking to the expectant parents and to the women going to deliver the baby. We observe their behavior, whether they would be able to take care of their baby or not.

If we feel that they won’t, we refuse them. The woman renting the womb doesn’t need to stay in the hospital for nine months, she needs to visit the hospital only for the checkups and other medical procedures. A team of eight doctors takes care of the process till the baby is delivered,” adds Dr. Samit.
A senior gynecologist says, “Since the time commercial surrogacy is legalized in India in 2002 there has been lot of demand for surrogate mother.

Affordable prices, latest technologies, trained doctors and the success rates in the recent years had made Hyderabad a destination surrogacy. In comparison to other metros, the cost of renting a womb here is less. India is the only country apart from US where surrogacy is legal.”

“In the recent years, surrogacy cases are on the rise in the City of Pearls and the main reason is the jam packed fertility centres in Mumbai and Delhi which are unable to meet the growing demand. The numbers of couples seeking surrogate have doubled.

Cost factor works in favour of India and Hyderabad, medical circles point out.
The cost of surrogacy in the U.S. is about $80,000 whereas in Hyderabad it’s almost a third of that, including the medical fare and travel or food expenses of the surrogate mother. Hyderabad has now become a hot-spot for many couples from other countries too because of the low-cost and world-class medical presence.

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