Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Kiran Ivf Surrogacy Documentary covered by the French channel

KIC Surrogacy Documentary covered by the French channel Canal Plus. Interview of Dr Samit Sekhar from the Kiran Infertility Center, Hyderabad, India. This covers how gestational surrogate carriers are recruited and also why they want to become surrogate mothers. It also shares the views and experiences of two successful couples- who had beautiful baby girls from the Gestational Surrogacy Program at the Kiran Clinic. One is for a heterosexual couple from USA and other is for a gay couple from Canada. With France debating over allowing surrogacy in their country, we are happy to share this on the onset. With successful cases from over 42 countries, the Kiran Infertility Center is well equipped and well experienced in providing gestational surrogacy to Intended Parents from all over the world.

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